Introducing Mettle – A free bank account for our delivery driver customers

Salhan Accountants are very pleased to announce that they are providing all their U-Deliver customers with a complimentary bank account that surpasses initial impressions.

It is designed specifically with sole traders in mind and provides much more than a traditional business bank account.

Free Banking!

After extensive research into what small business people really need to make their working lives run smoothly the Mettle bank account offers a whole lot more than a secure place to store money.

Firstly it’s a business account that’s absolutely free! That’s an immediate wow factor in itself, and the fantastic features don’t stop there…

Sending Invoices

The Mettle bank account comes with it’s own accounting software app that allows customers to send invoices directly from their smart phones. It sends a notification when payment is received, and here’s the clever bit … customer payments will automatically be matched to the correct invoice and marked as paid. This time saving feature was evolved after the bank listened to the real people who use it, and they are continuing to make improvements.

Money Pots

This cute little feature really helps with organising finances. It separates pockets of cash to be labelled and put aside so they are not mixed up with all the day to day business transactions. Users can easily save money for future events like car insurance, tax or their MOT.


There is an option for account holders to add their own logo to the invoices they send out. This is a small feature but it’s incredibly valuable. A sole trader needs a strong brand identity because it helps them stand out in a competitive market and builds trust. The people at Mettle understand this.

Overdue Payments

If an invoice isn’t paid on time the software will activate a reminder for the account holder so they can chase up the debt. It’s really user friendly, intuitive to operate and best of all it’s quick.

Paying Suppliers

Payments to suppliers can be dealt with on the go, straight on the mobile app and then forgotten. It also manages recurring payments. In reality it cuts down the need for setting aside office time at home to deal with money admin. Who wants to sit in front of laptop after a hard day at work!


Users get a quick and easy-to-read position of their cash flow which enables efficient financial planning.


There are no unnecessary widgets that may overwhelm people who are not technologically savvy. The application has been trimmed down to the essential features that actually make a difference to the sole trader. No pointless bells and whistles here!


There’s support from real experts, ensuring that users have access to assistance whenever needed.

Quick Payments

Make payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The benefits to self employed delivery drivers is evident. This account has been tailor made with them in mind, and it’s ongoing. The team who built Mettle are constantly doing research with current users and looking for innovative ways to make improvements, so it will only get better!

The reality for most self employed people is that the money they make needs to be managed in a simple way. While making money is wonderful, the management of it is an added chore that can become a burden. This account will reduce the time spent doing the admin, and will probably reduce the stress that goes with it.

To find out more about U-deliver, the Mettle account and the services offered to U-Deliver drivers click here … U-Deliver