Apps aid record-keeping on the go

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has highlighted the availability of mobile apps that can help small businesses with record keeping on the go.

Commercial software businesses, following consultation with HMRC, have developed the apps for businesses below the VAT threshold.

HMRC said: “These applications may help with maintaining good records and include links to HMRC guidance related to record keeping. The majority of these applications are free.”

It has now published a list of companies providing apps for record keeping that meet HMRC specifications, although it stressed it had not tested any of the apps or carried out any security testing on these.

HMRC added: “This list is not exhaustive and it is probable that other software houses associated with mobile application development will also be developing applications.

The list, published on 16 April, will be updated as necessary on a regular basis.

Link: HMRC  companies providing record-keeping apps